*This policy is subject to change without prior notification*

Any product purchased from FuserandKits.com comes with a limited 60 day warranty. Coverage starts on the day the product is purchased and claims must be submitted via email within 60 days of date of purchasing by emailing help@fuserandkits.com

Please research any error codes or reset issues before reaching out. Many issues can be resolved by a simple Google or Youtube search. 

If you are unable to rectify your issue please email us at help@fusersandkits.com and explain the problem. Please provide your order # and code off the white sticker on your fuser unit. We will attempt to troubleshoot the problem you are having. If we cannot resolve the problem, you will be invoiced and sent a replacement. 

The warranty replacement invoice will be credited when the following are satisfied:  

All parts being returned for a warranty credit, must be returned referencing the RMA# provided and using either the shipping label provided by the RMA dept or a traceable service, as tracking numbers may be required to verify receipt.

Parts being sent back for warranty credits must be received within 14 days of the warranty claim being opened. 

Label for return of defective product may be provided with prior approval from original ship to location only.


* Items returned are beyond the warranty period.

* Items are received 14 days after the warranty claim date.

* Items returned are out of warranty and/or not labeled with a FuserandKits.com sticker

* Wrong item returned

* Items were deemed damaged by customer

This warranty will cover a mechanical or electrical failure of the Covered Product(s) during normal usage for the term of this warranty plan. This warranty does not override any manufacturer’s warranty. Coverage starts on the day the product is purchased

Parts returned deemed no credit by our Testing Department (invalid barcoded sticker/invalid warranty claim/wrong item returned) will remain in testing area for 3 business days. Customer will be contacted by RMA Department to determine if customer would like the part returned or disposed of. If item is not resolved in the 3 day period, part will be disposed of by FuserandKits.com. Customer will responsible for any linked replacement order shipped.


A. Provide us with your original invoice or order number. We can pull up the order to insure proof of purchase.

B. Correctly explain the issues of the product.

C. Properly maintain your product. Do not void the warranty, do not change parts, and do not use unauthorized equipment with the product.


A. Any product that is not clearly marked as FuserandKits.com product.

B. Theft or Loss, vandalism.

C. Act of nature, such as weather conditions or animal/insect infestation.

D. Damage caused by You or your client or customer, not keeping up with cleaning, maintenance, improper equipment modifications, attachments, incorrect installation or product and/or software.

E. Battery leakage, improper electrical/power supply.

F.  Cosmetic damage

G. Accidental damage

H. Damages caused by consumables such as toner leaks, etc. 

I. Product’s with removed or altered serial numbers.

J. Manufacturer defects and recalls.

K. Items not sold exclusively from FusersandKits.com


The coverage provided under this warranty plan does NOT apply for places other than the 48 contiguous United States of America. If your product has been shipped out of the states, we are not responsible for the product and/or the shipping at all.


The warranty may NOT be transferred to anyone else other than the current purchaser. If product has been purchased for resale, we can blind drop ship direct to that individual and they do carry the warranty, however it would be the purchaser who would call in to pursue warranty coverage.