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HP LaserJet M604/M605/M606 Fuser Assembly, E6B67-67901

HP LaserJet M604/M605/M606 Fuser Assembly, E6B67-67901

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Part #/SKU: E6B67-67901-RO  M604/M605/M606 Fuser

This Hewlett Packard premium fuser assembly is 100% remanufactured in the US with OEM & new parts.

-HP Bushings, HP Pressure Rollers, Cannon High Temp resistant grease, Fuser Sleeve, Heating Element, Thermistor, Fuser Drive Gear, etc.

It is live tested for 100 page minimum prior to packaging and shipping.

Easy Peasy, No Hassle Purchases: This fuser is sold outright. No core return required, however we will supply a FREE recycling label to help save our planet. Please use (or have your customer use) the free label to send us back the fuser core for credit towards your account. More details here.

Common error codes that replacing the fuser will fix are: 50.11 fuser error 50.1 fuser error 50.2 fuser error 50.3 fuser error 50.4 fuser error 50.5 fuser error 50.7 fuser error 50.8 fuser error 50.9 fuser error. "Replace Fuser" Error

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